We have been producing upholstered sofas since 1996. Main-office and factory are both located in Nidzica, Poland. After more than twenty years we can confidently say that our products are not only an original design. It is a functionality based on ergonomic projects, high quality materials and first of all years of experience.


To meet expectations of customers we are constantly improving our products to make them more comfortable, updated with design and fabrics. We have created wide range of sofas: 3-2-1, corner sofa, folding sofa etc. – around 40 different models. Highest quality and diversity of our products allows us to cooperate with many trading companies and shops in Poland, USA, Germany, Russia, Hungarian, Slovakia and Czech Republic. Effective management and well-qualified staff with their attitude for perfection have made our market position.


MP’s sofas offer is connected with large amount of different fabrics and design combinations. Appearance of our products is a greatly important thing during day, but each MP has sleeping mode, so comfortable sleep is always included. For our clients we offer a possibility to create sofas which fit to them and their spaces. Decorative stitching, different colors of wooden parts mixed with laptop board, head rests or chrome accessories allow them make their individual and unique furniture.


We believe sofa is not only a decorative thing. It is an important part of our daily life. Resting, sleeping, friends meetings or just watching cartoons with kids. We do our best to make life more comfortable.

Live with comfort!